10 ways that NBR.co.nz can fix its comments

One would think that The Wall Street Journal comments would be rancid. After all it’s a right wing capitalist newspaper in the bastion of all that is right wing and capitalist. And yes, the comments do skew a certain way.

But overall they are not nearly as bad as they could be. The reason are reflected in this screen shot below. 

I plead with the NBR to update their creaky comment system to incude some or all of these features. Here it is, along with some classic comments for our indigenous right wing idiots:

1: Put the time of the comment, make it relative to now.

2: Highlight paying subscribers, and have them use their real name, so we know who is real and will stan behind their comments.

3: Allow us to hide all comments from non-subscribers, so they don’t destroy the conversation. Allow us to (3a) uncover the comment so we can read them if we want the humour.

4: Let us reply in-line to a comment, rather than placing the comment at the end of a long list.

5: Allow us to thumbs up comments,  so the best comments rise in the rankings and get read.

6: Allow us to report abuse – a feature that is particularly useful if it is potential libel.

7: Allow us to receive emails of any  new comments – that encourages us to reply and continue the conversation.

8: Provide a link to the actual comment

9: Let us message the commenter

10: Let us connect with ech other – not this way, but let us provide our Linked-in public pages as part of our prifile, and make them clickable.

All of this promotes the idea of adults talking to adults in a civilised manner. Is that really to much to ask for in our only national business newspaper?

Published by Lance Wiggs


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