Even easier way to get around NBR’s copy protection

In the comments to the last post Mr. Annonymous said: “The Biggest problem they’ll have is that this takes 29 characters of javascript to avoid completely $(“span.copyright”).remove(); Or, available as a lovely simple bookmarklet: http://xrl.us/NBRSuperHax” To translate – all we have to do is to drag CopyNBRtxt to your toolbar to make this work, click […]

NBR’s performance since the subscription wall was built

Back in mid July the NBR decided to put a chunk of their content behind a subscription wall. I was one of many amateur untrained unqualified bloggers that not only objected to being characterised as such, but was pretty scathing about the decision to lock away the content. NBR in turn referred I guessed to […]

NBR continues their descent into madness

Here’s NBR homepage, above the fold, this morning. I’ve helpfully crossed out in red the articles that are subscriber only, and in black the one article that has a bad link (which I suspect would be subscriber only anyway). Note that the articles in the Most Popular section on the right are all also in […]

The NBR is in trouble – what should they do?

I’ve been really impressed with the NBR in recent times – their website was going from strength to strength, and their writing was increasingly excellent. I even praised writer Chis Keall, who writes for (but I understand is not employed by Chris tells me he is, in fact, employed by NBR – my apologies) the […]