Lessons from Webstock: We’ve come long way, now let’s move on up

Another superb first day yesterday at Webstock, New Zealand’s must-attend conferences for anybody involved in web design or related businesses. Once again the speakers were universally superb, the organisation sublime and the conference is made with love. With many familiar and new faces, it’s a comfortable environment to spark and continue fascinating conversations. Overall I […]

The Webstock ’13 website

Webstock ’13, originally uploaded by LanceWiggs. It’s a brave team who will put up a blink-tag site for hordes of web designers and developers waiting for the latest news. That’s what the lovely folks at Webstock did, though they did replace it with a more modern version , complete with the speaker list, later in […]

Want to write? Get a $1345 Webstock package

AllAboutTheStory.com is offering a full journalism scholarship to the biggest and best web event in New Zealand – Webstock. Webstock’s cool – and has a host of awesome and famous foreign and local speakers. In their own words: Webstock 2011 will be the mostest bestest scientifically proven amazingest conference ever. In the history of the […]