Netguide, Stuff, Trade Me, Pimp my plane…..

On the one hand I am not a big fan of the Netguide awards methodology.

On the other hand Stuff managed to glean two awards (Best media site and best homepage), while Trade Me took home three more. Thanks to everyone that voted for us – both Trade Me and Stuff. It was a huge boost for the team at Stuff, and it was also great to hear people during and afterwards tell us how much they love the site – both the design and editorial.

In my short time at Fairfax I have been astonished and encouraged at how much emphasis is placed on the quality and speed of editorial. Even these awards didn’t get in the way. The Privy Council Bain decision came out just as the ceremony ended, so Sinead and Dylan left the post match party and went upstairs to coordinate the online response. The resulting articles were published not only a full hour earlier than NZHerald’s, but also provided much more depth. Sinead and Dylan were only two people in a team around New Zealand that managed to write, sub edit and publish those articles both online and into the dailies. I feel privileged to be part of such an organisation.

Just after the awards we took this photo, after the fold, which Kerre Woodham may not want me to publish, but what the heck – she seems like a good sort.

5 boxes and some ham

That’s Dylan, me, Sinead, Paul, Keree, Pat and Liv. I wonder how long it will be before I get forced to take this down.

Dylan (Stuff editor) and Pat (Operations Manager) and a small team of hard working Stuffies deserve the credit – Sinead (Fairfax Online Editor) and I turned up only recently. My replacement Bernard Hickey arrived after this picture was taken. Liv and Paul were holding the fort for Trade Me – Paul is an ex Microsoftie that has recently seen the light, and Liv hangs out over here.

Here are those boxes again, this time with Biggie and Donate NZ’s addedyellow boxen

and here is me about to have 5 boxes fall on my head.

unstabile boxes

Pimp my Plane took home a yellow box as well – such a cool campaign.

(actually to find that ‘cool campaign’ post I googled “Lance Wiggs pimp”, and was a little disconcerted to see 414 results)

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