Ferrit’s Sale

Ferrit’s sale. Seems that their 20% off sale is the fruition of the ‘unsubstantiated rumour. Retailers get to sell their products cheaper, Ferrit cops the bill.

Actually I feel this is a pretty good promotion, as it drives people to actually do a transaction, rather than just to visit the website. I have not seen any TVC’s (it would help if I watched TV), so perhaps they are even spending the rest of their money online – another good sign.

Still – the execution is not flawless. I clicked on a rotating banner for the iPod HiFi speaker, and instead of landing on the product page, I landed on an ipod page. The graphics didn’t come up, and the amount of text on the page is overwhelming – seems that the most important thing is the returns policy. The picture of the iPod speaker (when I refreshed) was tiny, and I can’t see a call to action. I just don’t feel like buying anything there. Contrast the Ferrit product page with the Apple Store and Trade Me ones. Check the links if you will, as the pictures don’t really do justice to the difference.

trade me Apple Ferrit

The Apple and Trade Me pages are lovely to look at, and guide you to the buying decision. They do not expect you to read screes of text, and have beautiful photos of the product and large fonts. Ferrit’s is confusing and full of legalese.

But the price was right – the speaker (I have one already thanks) was listed at a sale price of $479.96, versus $599.95 normal retail. The Aple store has the speaker for$599, while Amazon lists it for US$349, which is NZ$465. You could ship that to NZ via Shipbuktu, but that would easily get the price over $479.96. So a good deal then.

I found one for US$249 on eBay, which is an entirely different deal – and one that is worth it. Again, you’ll need to use Shipbuktu.

There is also one on Trade Me – on auction with a $549 buy now (whoops), and currently at $101. That’s a bargain, but certain to sell for higher, as the seller says you’ll need to spend at least a couple of hundred.

So over all the price of the Ferrit sale is looking pretty good (for iPod HiFi speakers). Go buy one, or four. You’ll be happy in the knowledge that someone (Ferrit) is losing money on the deal, and hey, you may even like the experience.

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  1. And to be fair to Ferrit the 2 things I have ordered off the site arrived the next day. The site definitely needs some work but the post ordering service has been fine.


  2. I haven’t used Ferrit before – I prefer to use basic http://www.pricespy.co.nz to find my bargains for me. The only benefit of Ferrit is you only have one set of account details to remember. Anyway I just had a look on Ferrit and tried searching for a camera. The results were pretty poor without one camera returned in the search results. Try it yourself. A bit more work to do! Only Telecom could afford to persit with such a dead duck.


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