Wellosphere Interconectedness

Brenda L (who this blog thinks, for some strange reason, is kiwgrll) has a great post on the interconnectedness of the Wellington blog community – the Wellosphere perhaps.

Let me tweak a few things. Rowan no longer works at Trade Me – he is at Xero, where Rod is the founder/CEO. I’m also gone from Trade Me where I was consulting and I’m now over in Perth (starting work today, but I was at Fairfax for a while before this). Rod does not work at but is on the Advisory Board of Trade Me.

You missed Don from Catalyst, who do the websites for Fairfax NZ and who met Che at Webstock Mini the other day (I was there when they met), not un-coincidentally which was organised primarily by Natasha (no blog) who works at Trade Me. Adam (blog down) and Liv are also at Trade Me, Siggy from SilverStripe is another Webstock organiser and Chris and Annie haunt Trade Me’s technical regions.

Let’s not forget Godfather Mauricio, who along with Juha attracts more traffic than everyone else combined and multiplied by 1000.

There are also a ton of other blogs out there in ad out of the business Wellosphere. What is cool to me is that many are very new, and the sphere is growing fast. Keep it coming I say.

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