Please sell me iPhones Trade Me. or not.

So as Sophie points out, Stuff confirmed the Trade Me policy on “no iPhones” this morning.  Adam also helpfully points out that perhaps I was behind the times –  oh the horror.

But yes – Trade Me has recklessly decided to arbitrarily ban sales of the absolutely essential and patently legal to sell iPhone.  This really really annoys me, as it also did when the policy was to ban sales of PSP’s and PS3s’.

(Hope you are listening Dean and Sophie.)

(Keep listening though – it gets better…)

Although I am royally annoyed (not really – after all I am in Australia until the weekend), it is tough-love policies like these that have made Trade Me so sucessful.

When you shop at Trade Me, you are a lot more confident in the quality of the sellers than you are on eBay. You are more confident because Trade Me has much tougher standards, and those standards are backed up by a community and Customer Service staff that have an eye for finding bad sellers.

Trade Me starts by banning essentially all foreign sellers, continues by listening to the community (the community watch link at the bottom of each listing), then has strict policies on what you can and cannot sell and finally does not tolerate scammers and dodgy sellers staying on the site.

eBay is much more tolerant, preferring to take the more dodgy listings and sellers in order to boost sales. Make no mistake – what Trade Me does is hard work, and doesn’t make friends in the short term. However, eBay may sell more in the short term, but that lowers the natural growth, which they try to maintain using expensive advertising. If this sounds familiar, then you may have been reading here two days back.

So – how to console myself? Trade Me won’t sell me an iPhone, and eBay Au is too dodgy. Well – that’s easy..

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3 replies on “Please sell me iPhones Trade Me. or not.”

  1. I think its bollocks.

    So, they are quite happy to sell scalped Warriors tickets a few weeks ago, but won’t list iphones?? . . . .Where were the tough standards backed up by a community then?

    How exactly does trademe and it’s community decide that an iphone seller is a bad seller?

    Are there not enough safeguards in place already on trademe (feedback, safe trader, community watch link)

    And now that they are not allowing iphones are they banning ALL high end tech goods not available via official retail channels?


  2. Yeah, I agree, sportsthought. Based on their reasoning, shouldn’t TradeMe ban the sale of any parallel imported GSM handsets that aren’t offically supported by Vodafone NZ?

    Double-standards, I say.

    And besides, there are plenty of other products regularly sold on TradeMe that have fraud potential.

    I’d love to see proof of the community’s support of a ban on iPhone auctions. I couldn’t find any discussion on it in the TradeMe message boards (although there’s no search on the message boards, so it’s hard to find anything in there).


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