Xero offline is coming. Later.

Buried (ok not really buried, but towards the end) in a post by Rod Drury -is a hint that perhaps Xero will be available offline next year:

Next year we’ll see the introduction of off-line functionality inside the standard browsers, so new scenarios start to open up. ….These clients will access the server based logic we are all building now.

So not Xero, but browser driven. There is also

I think we’ll see more parts of applications delivered for the mobile web or even as mobile applications.

So perhaps we will be doing our accounts on our mobile phones? At the least current technology should let us do it on our iPhones.

But, before we get too excited, it is alas, all too true that we are in early days:

I’m certainly not precious on doing everything on the web but before we go to far in introducing rich clients we need get the applications written for the server first.

Offline Xero is one of the three critical things missing to me from the Xero product – the other two being (introductory at least) cheap pricing and seamless import/export from other products like MYOB.

The low or free pricing is to drive trials, and the export – well just remember that MS Excel only really took off (as someone was telling me recently) once they bought in the “Export to Lotus 123” feature.

Meanwhile the development team is hard at work at building up the feature set – to no doubt match then exceed MYOB and other competitors. They are also, I infer, working to keep it easier to use than bits of paper and excel spreadsheets.

But the low tech potential customers will not move n big numbers until they can use tailored Xero versions for targeted industry groups, like, say, the Trades. Other’s to add to the list could be Accountants (eat their own dog food), Trade Me sellers (import transactions), and taxi drivers.

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3 Responses to Xero offline is coming. Later.

  1. Tracey says:

    I have to wonder, if you COULD do your accounting on your mobile phone would you actually want to? It’d be a pretty tedious experience in my personal opinion.

    However, I’m a die hard MYOB fan as it is so simple and easy to use. I’m not a qualified accountant either and while the interface might not be ‘pretty’ the software works like a dream and that’s what really matters.

    I have found accessing applications or conducting data entry over the internet slow and time consuming with no scope for easily being able to update multiple data fields etc at the same time. Some good examples of this are google apps (the amount of time spent waiting to reach google.com for example) and listing an auction on TradeMe at 5 odd pages per listing if you list manually. And I do have te best broadband available.

    This is what puts me off trying XERO apart from the fact their three day trial doesn’t give me time to look very far into it.

    While software on the web is a great idea for the fact it can be accessed from anywhere and anyone (approved) and other advantages it’s got a long way to go to match the efficiency of desktop data entry etc.

    My opinion only, I’m FAR from an expert ;)


  2. stuartm says:

    Interesting reading this old post… we still don’t have offline access but we do have more internet-connected devices, and of course we’re all using Xero on our phones and iPads now.

    Also interesting how you mentioned three critical missing things:
    Offline Xero – still missing.
    cheap pricing – debatable. I don’t think Xero is cheap but I do think it provides great value.
    seamless import/export from other products like MYOB – still limited and definitely not seamless.

    And in the last paragraph you talk about tailored versions – well Xero haven’t done much here (apart from their Accountants version), but the real win for them is the API which has turned Xero into a platform that has allowed heaps of tailored packages to be built with Xero as the single ledger backend. (e.g. Jobsheet for trades, Vend for retail, Tradevine for Trade Me)


  3. today is 20/09/2013 and no have xero offline


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