“Inside” the US prison system

“Inside” – prisoner Michael Santo’s book about his 18 years in the US Federal prison system is staggering. Terrible stories and jokes about life behind bars in the US system have crept out over the years, while Amnesty International, amongst others, has condemned the abuse. But what Santos does is personalize it – through stories […]

PS3 sales banned on eBay UK, restricted on eBay USA

Stupid. Really stupid. eBay USA is restricting sale of Sony PS3’s to members with high feedback, and even then only one per member. eBay UK is prohibiting sale of PS’s until pre-sales commence next year. Thus does eBay, which normally serves to reduce barriers, prevent trading across borders. The obvious play is to buy PS3’s […]

Overstock.com – and why it does not work

eBay wannabe competitor Overstock just had a horrible 3rd quarter, with revenues down on the previous year. Although it’s a cyclical business, pundits are concerned that revenues fell despite better internal operations. In the last quarter the conversion rate, and Google ads were less effective. Meanwhile the brand suffers (while attracting the morbidly curious like […]


Just had a marvelous dinner with a four folk that all just happen to be into cars. Actually I was easily the least informed on the subject, and that includes the two women in the room. Luckily these folk are car enthusiasts, and buy great cars at good prices. So how do you get a […]

vista’s sound

Vista’s startup sound just sounds horrible. Irritating as anything , at least to me. I sincerely hope that Vista is stable, and that sleep works properly, so that legions of windows users don’t get that ghastly agonising sound each morning or, worse, after a crash.

Daily Show Global Edition

Here in NZ we are unable to get the Daily Show through broadcast/cable TV. We can only get the dramatically compacted “Special Edition”, which plays just once each week. Not only is most of the content missing, but it’s also very late, so timeliness, the essential element of news, is gone. And forget the Colbert […]

Marvin Bower

These are the attributes that McKinsey’s Marvin Bower apparently had. – Integrity/trustworthines (A) – Fact based visioning, pragmatic approach (B) – Adherence to principles/values (C) – Humility & unassuming respect for others (D) – Strong communications/personal persuasiveness (E) – Personal involvement/demonstrated commitment (F) My first thought is that despite her 11 years in the firm […]


This is my 3rd or 4th attempt at a blog. Previous versions have failed after I either lost energy because my circumstances changed, or I was unable to easily update the blog through a plethora of technical issues. Let’s see how this goes.