Woz, Kawasaki and lousy flash video players

Great interview. Shame I can’t see it as the video player and my orcon/xtra broadband are lousy. Will flash video creators please realise that not only do people have variable speeds of internet access, but that we also have variable quality. Once I get a dropoff from a youtube or, it seems, a zbiz, video …

ShipBuktu – shop the USA

Shipbuktu alpha-launched today. The site is still in test, but the back-end logistics are set. essentially. I’m involved on an unconfirmed sem-official basis. Shipbuktu gives Kiwis a USA address, so you can shop the internet USA style. Amazon electronics, Gap clothing, and everything from telescopes to car parts are finally¬† available to us here. Believe …

Post Secret

One of the most powerful uses of the internet – is PostSecret, which strangely enough relies on mail to deliver intimate secrets to the world. Each Sunday (USA time) a new batch of postcards containing secrets is released.


Just had a marvelous dinner with a four folk that all just happen to be into cars. Actually I was easily the least informed on the subject, and that includes the two women in the room. Luckily these folk are car enthusiasts, and buy great cars at good prices. So how do you get a …

vista’s sound

Vista’s startup sound just sounds horrible. Irritating as anything , at least to me. I sincerely hope that Vista is stable, and that sleep works properly, so that legions of windows users don’t get that ghastly agonising sound each morning or, worse, after a crash.


This is my 3rd or 4th attempt at a blog. Previous versions have failed after I either lost energy because my circumstances changed, or I was unable to easily update the blog through a plethora of technical issues. Let’s see how this goes.