Waiting room TV

Great ideas are obvious in retrospect – and this is a doozy. Health TV  will show targeted health programing to people waiting in doctors waiting rooms. With an average wait of 20 minutes that’s an opportunity to hit an audience with some juicy advertisements along with that content. Sadly for HealthTV’s international prospects this isn’t […]

txtstation signs a great deal

Interesting deal that Kiwi company txtstation has made in the USA. They are working with Fox TV and the NBA on mobile-interactive TV, allowing Americans to answer questions posed on the small screen. While the USA is well behind in TXTs (and well ahead in mobile email), I wonder whether the success of American Idol, […]

Future of Newspaper industry

Here’s an answer to a question I posted a little while back in Linked-In while playing with their new questions and answers feature. It was rated ‘good answer’ by the questioner, whatever that means. Question Future of the Newspaper Industry? How long will the newspaper business continue as it is today? Circulation has been decreasing […]

US Politics via Harry Potter..

For those who don’t share my passion for US politics (which I try to keep out of this blog) here’s one way to think of the status quo:  “Dick Cheney is Lord Voldemort. George W. Bush is Peter Pettigrew.” Don Rumsfeld is Lucius Malfoy, while Cornelius Fudge represents administration supporters who deny that anything is […]