telecom strategy

Some interesting things to glean from Telecom’s consumer strategy document, and the wholesale technology document – presented at an analyst day today. Read it – there is a lot there. (Juha found these) Firstly – it is actually not that bad – the strategy seems coherent. Secondly – The biggest source of retail income (page […]


“Fraudband” – what a great word “THE Fairfax Media chief executive, David Kirk, has labelled broadband in Australia “fraudband” because it is too expensive and slow. “ Sad to see Australia go through the same issues as we have here. “Mr Kirk said the problem was not government policy but the state of the market, […]

Telecom pathetic: cannot provide telecomms

Would that Telecom could get the basics right… I don’t want money back, I want usable internet service. Being back in NZ means being back in the primitive ages of the internet. My (“max-speed”) access here at home is pathetic compared to France, UK and USA. It is too slow and unreliable for YouTube. How […]