Integrity: What to do if your academic paper is challenged

In the news recently is University of Massachusetts Amherst economics doctoral student Thomas Herndon, who reworked a very influential paper, and found some real calculation errors. He dug into the “Growth in a Time of Debt” paper by Harvard’s  Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff as part of a class assignment, where students were asked to rework the numbers […]

Principles of Corporate Governance

I’m on a corporate governane course today and tomorrow – run by Massey University on behalf of COMU. COMU is the Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit, which “monitors the government’s investment in companies/entities owned by the Crown, assists with the appointment of directors, and provides performance and governance advice to Ministers.” In the USA corporate governance […]

Blame directors for failure, CEOs for success

Fairfax (Reuters) belatedly opines that Directorships are not a reward, but actual work. It’s an article based on US companies, but is applies to every jurisdiction. I absolutely agree – a directorship is a very serious obligation. I propose a simple philosophy Blame the Board of Directors for failed companies Credit the CEO and management […]