Electrickery – 10 alternative suggestions for changing NZ’s electricity industry

<update = 10:20, Friday morning I’ve edited this post since publishing last night.> Let’s have a look at the Greens proposal to reduce electricity prices. I’m entering this as a sceptic, but also as founder of Powerkiwi [join!]. Powerkiwi sold a good amount of power on Powershop last year – 140 million units (KWh), or […]

Electricity prices will keep rising

I just saw a talk by ¬†Carl Hansen, the Chief Executive for the NZ Electricity Authority. He made a comment which is retrospectively obvious. Electricity is a natural resource, and follows natural resource economics. So investors in electrical generation will build the the lowest price solutions first, and as time goes on the cost of […]

Our power prices have gone up – so switch to us

I’ve been travelling for the last 10 days in the USA – and for another week as well. That, and Pacific Fibre’s launch, explains a little about the paucity of posts here, but it also means I missed out on the recent news about sharply increasing energy future prices. The sharp rise in energy futures […]

The Independent makes me mad

Each week I read The Independent, and each week some articles in it make me mad. This week I’m writing about it. Sadly none of the articles are online yet. Air New Zealand and the Commerce Commisson The News The Commerce Commission is bringing criminal charges against Air New Zealand for price fixing. It all […]

Powershop saves me 32.5% at the moment

So Powershop lowers switching costs, but as you can see from the headline it also lowers actual costs. So how much can you save? If you are like me – then a lot. I was using Contact, who like the other companies, charge in two ways – cents per unit consumed (kWh) and a service […]