Air New Zealand challenges loyal customers to move elsewhere

Yesterday Air New Zealand suddenly changed their credit card loyalty program, switching from BNZ to Westpac. There are, apparently, “probably overĀ 100,000” customers affected. And I’m one of them. It’s a privilege It’s a privilege to have Air New Zealand as our national carrier. For a number of years now they have been at the forefront […]

Air New Zealand looks at bulk discounts

Back in January I drafted* a lengthy post on what Air New Zealand could do better, and part of that was on regional airfares. I sampled five regional, seven domestic, two trans-Tasman and two international fares for travel in a month’s time. The results were startling, though not surprising: It’s twice the cost per kilometre […]

Getting the basics right – airline bookings

I’m booking a flight back from Seattle to San Francisco (actually San Jose) and can’t let the opportunity pass to learn from the best – and the worst. Here are some screens that came back after a search for flights this Saturday – conducted just now at 11am or so in a coffee shop in […]

The Independent makes me mad

Each week I read The Independent, and each week some articles in it make me mad. This week I’m writing about it. Sadly none of the articles are online yet. Air New Zealand and the Commerce Commisson The News The Commerce Commission is bringing criminal charges against Air New Zealand for price fixing. It all […]

Air New Zealand is the best – here are some reasons

A selection of reasons why Air New Zealand won the Airline of the Year in the Air Transport World magazine awards. Most of these refer to posts made here over the past three years, and the overarching reason is simply that Air New Zealand is a very well run business. They have kept their fares […]