Sell your house privately in New Zealand – the book.

Over at 200 Square we help people sell their house by using the latest internet tools, and avoiding expensive print and high agent overheads like fancy offices. Our licensed real estate agents  to the wheeling and dealing for clients, and are very successful and selling houses. The upside is that it costs just $4,500 to sell a […]

Those house prices

The IMF’s Prakash Loungani reports on housing price changes.  the chart below shows 2008 until June, and so before the recent financial events. NZ was not looking too good, while other economies, such as USA have already shown considerable drops prior to 2008. More to come I am sure.

Solving the NZ and Australia housing crisis

It takes 18.6 years for the median household to buy the median house in NZ, and that’s excluding rates, taxes and maintenance. That’s via NBR, wo curiously neglect to mention that there is a giant photo of Don Brash on page 2 of the original Household Affordability report, as he is the Chairman of something […]