Guilty – but what about the Police organisation?

The Policeman who turned to chase a motorcyclist on Buller gorge, blocking the road and causing two other motorcyclists to be seriously injured, has just been found guilty of dangerous driving causing injury. He is no doubt haunted by the accident – as a professional officer policing road safety the decision to make a 3 […]

Less death on the roads, but more to do

A huge reduction this year in NZ road fatalities, continuing a fantastic series. What’s stark is the reduction since 1987, which is around about the time, as I recall, when the advertising campaigns really stepped up, drink driving was finally perceived by most people as a bad thing and random stops came in: These stats are […]

Is Road Safety a value for our Police Force?

Dave Moore writes on the motorcycle vs Police Car crash in the  Buller gorge. A police car did a three point trn on a narrow incredibly curvy road to case a motorcycle, and 2 more crashed into him. There is a systematic safety culture failure that really scares me here. First – what made the […]