Fastpitch: a look at the horse’s mouth

Despite the proverb, some gifts should be looked at – if only to determine their true value. The one I have in mind is the $15,000 of touted value in the grand prize for the Icehouse Fast pitch competition. There are prizes for winners in four categories, and one overall winner. The categories are Best […]

Making sure you make money from your business

These are notes from a whiteboard session that I led at BarCamp on Saturday. There were plenty of people in the room for the end of day session, and we had an excellent discussion. We were trying to answer the question of how to make sure to make money from your business, and so we […]

So you’ve got a good idea – now what?

I’ve been getting an increasing number of ideas over the transom over the last few weeks. It started before the radio interview last week, accelerated because of that, and tomorrow it seems I’m in the latest issue of Idealog. It’s really good to receive them, and I enjoy helping out and even starting some businesses. […]