Fastpitch: a look at the horse’s mouth

Despite the proverb, some gifts should be looked at – if only to determine their true value. The one I have in mind is the $15,000 of touted value in the grand prize for the Icehouse Fast pitch competition. There are prizes for winners in four categories, and one overall winner. The categories are Best […]

Where I live, What I do

I’ve always struggled to describe where I live and what I do. Here is some clarity. Where I live After almost two years of attempting to live in both Fremantle and Wellington (and largely failing at either), I am now back in New Zealand for the foreseeable future. I’m based in Wellington, and will commute […]

Invest now – but only in quality businesses

Linked in just raised US$76m from some strategic investors, while over in Western Australia Tanami Gold grabbed AU$12m from almost all exisiting shareholders. In Canada vBrick systems got $11.9m – they make enterprise video systems, and managed to get Menlo Ventures and Morgan Stanley on board, amongst others. China is also showing life, with Intel […]