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Credit to Telecom, but a lot of work to do

Telecom has its XT and 111 woes, and the knives are being wielded across all media. Of course we in the blogosphere got our knives bloodied back in last year, and it just feels a bit sick to see the … Continue reading

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Oh Telecom XT – you were doing so well

Pathetic. It’s time for an update to the Telecom XT network map. From the communications I can glean that the latest map looks something like this: Spotty means you can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to hold on to a … Continue reading

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Telecom XT Outage: Unacceptable

The other day I noted that Telecom seemed to be ramping up data use sources on the XT network, asking “Is Telecom really doing this?” Commenters said I was being unfair (and perhaps I was) as the XT network is … Continue reading

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