The WWDC Apple show – how it got so big

It’s the annual Steve Jobs speech at the WWDC – (Word Wide Developer Conference) on Monday morning US Pacific time.

While we wait for the new iPhone, Snow Leopard and a host of other rumours, check out the history of Steve’s “just one more thing..” at his WWDC speeches. That link (do check it out)  is to an interactive timeline which will show you video excerpts from product releases like the first iBook:

The original iPod: (note the very business oriented rationale for launching the iPod)

and the latest one – the MacBook Air. This is worthy just to see how Steve Jobs has imorived his technique, from a chatty conversationalist to a real star holdin thr crowd.

The WWDC speech has turned into essentially the major events in the consumer technology and consumer computer industries. It has done this by being the vehicle to launch a a succession of beautifully designed and innovative products that have almost always been wildly successful.

Today Apple sets the pace in consumer computers, music players and phones.

We can imagine a host of manufacturers just hoping that Apple doesn’t launch an uber-cool product into their space. Right now the GPS players are very nervous – there is a persistent rumour that at least one model of iPhone will have built-in GPS. They deserve to be attacked – GPS’s are far too expensive for what should now be a real commodity product.

Camera manufacturers should feel OK for now, but at some stage Apple may put a decent lens and CMOS into that iPhone and steal some market revenue from the point and shoots. They may even come out with a stand-alone (video) camera at some stage. Why cameras? It’s the last portable electronics niche that Apple has not addressed, and it is also a key way for people to get information on to their mac and online.

Next post – what I really want on Monday.

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