How not to launch a political blog: “F$%k you”

NZ Left Wing election site 08Wire launched, it seems with an interesting group of backers and is based overseas. It is good to see new discourse emerge, but I see a couple of issues.

First, in the launch article they do their best to turn prospective readers off:

Some analysis is sensationalized. Like David “cut-and-paste / cut-and-paste / I’m-drunk-again! / cut-and-paste / short-spin-piece / hooters!” Farrar, or the various “fuck you!” “no, fuck you!” stoushes that now pass for broadcast-based political commentary. But it’s almost always shallow and disappointing.

Secondly, they follow the tabloid approach to showing articles – just the headlines and a sentence. That isn’t sufficient on a political website – it fails to give you anything to read when you arrive, and there are no glossy pictures to make up for it. It feels like a loony site as a result.


Better are Daily Kos (the biggest political blog) and NZ’s No Right Turn. Both are well laid out and invite you to immediately start reading when you land.

Daily KosNo Right Turn

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