Getting the basics right – airline bookings

I’m booking a flight back from Seattle to San Francisco (actually San Jose) and can’t let the opportunity pass to learn from the best – and the worst. Here are some screens that came back after a search for flights this Saturday – conducted just now at 11am or so in a coffee shop in […]

There must be a better way: Airlines that get it right

Third in a series. Sadly no airline gets it completely right, and we won’t be happy until almost all airlines (and airports) get it right. But the good news is that some airlines are getting some of it, and one even gets most of it. Let’s have a quick look at some good practices, and […]

There must be a better way: Qantas shows how not to do it

Second in a series. This is the Qantas airline lounge right now. It is 7:10pm on a Friday night, and these folk are standing because all of the seats are taken. It’s much better outside in the normal section of the airport, though it’s also manic there. Airline lounges seem to be designed for good […]

There must be a better way – The Pain of Flying

It’s 320pm – and I’ve just been trapped in a chair for over 2 hours. Trapped in one location with no chance of standing up, no chance of stretching, and no chance of working. Clearly I am flying. However, it isn’t meant to be like this. I’m sitting in business class, the plane isn’t delayed, […]