Air New Zealand challenges loyal customers to move elsewhere

Yesterday Air New Zealand suddenly changed their credit card loyalty program, switching from BNZ to Westpac. There are, apparently, “probably over 100,000” customers affected. And I’m one of them. It’s a privilege It’s a privilege to have Air New Zealand as our national carrier. For a number of years now they have been at the forefront […]

AirNZ auctions themselves to the lowest bidder

Once again Air New Zealand has not partnered with Trade Me for their annual charity auction. As I’ve said before this myopic decision decreases the amount of publicity, revenue and mojo Air NZ receives from the event. Auctions will sell for less, less people will se them and the brand association with Sella cheapens the […]

Never surrender Air New Zealand

Yes – I know the trans Tasman fares are pretty low, making it hard to compete. Yes I know that code sharing gives more flights. But I also know that Pacific Blue is not Air New Zealand, and when I want to fly on Pacific Blue I book Pacific Blue. I also know that merging […]

How to win customers back – the 4 difficult steps

How long does it take to bring back a customer that has had a series of bad experiences? And what do you need to do to get them back? In Simon Grigg‘s case – about 8 years, and a heck of a lot. Let’s look at the lessons learned, and I’m also going to draw […]

Air New Zealand is the best – here are some reasons

A selection of reasons why Air New Zealand won the Airline of the Year in the Air Transport World magazine awards. Most of these refer to posts made here over the past three years, and the overarching reason is simply that Air New Zealand is a very well run business. They have kept their fares […]

An open letter to Air New Zealand

Dear Air New Zealand Why are you walking away from the revenue provided by people with bank rewards programs – and stopping conversion to Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars? I refer of course to the recent notification by BNZ and other banks that they will no longer support Airpoint Dollar conversion. It puzzles me I […]

An open letter to BNZ Credit Cards

To/BNZ Credit Cards Wellington, New Zealand CC/ a few other folks. Dear BNZ Credit  Cards; I am very upset. The other day I opened this message in my BNZ internet banking inbox (good to see the newer website by the way): In this letter (which I assume you have also sent to my address, which […]