To Alice Springs

As mentioned I ran into tire trouble near Ayers rock- in fact 8km from the Yulara resort. The rear tire went flat, but thanks to local bus driver Tony Fox (and some patient passengers, 2 of whom I met today) the luggage was taken to the resort, and I pumped the tire up and staggered […]

Off on the trip

Well I’m finally off on my ride around at least a bit of Australia. Pix are from Fremantle, where I got a last coffee, and the bike in Kalgoorlie, where I did manage another last decent coffee with Lacey who was sickly, so I dragged her out for food.

Borders – if it’s hard even for locals then how do you get through?

I’m a fan of open borders, and it is far too hard these days to move between countries. What’s really scary are these cases of US citizens, highlighted by a diarist in Daily Kos, who were detained by US immigration in some pretty horrible circumstances. It seems mostly to be people that are incapable of […]

Motorcycling to Broken Hill

Sue’s back, and so check out her first installment of her motorcycle trip – to Broken Hill. This is the part that I joined her for before heading back to Sydney. Sue has tons of great photos and describes the journey eloquently to boot. I’m trying not to be jealous of the fact that her […]