Is Road Safety a value for our Police Force?

Dave Moore writes on the motorcycle vs Police Car crash in the  Buller gorge. A police car did a three point trn on a narrow incredibly curvy road to case a motorcycle, and 2 more crashed into him. There is a systematic safety culture failure that really scares me here. First – what made the […]

famous….in KR

Turns out Mod has plastered my photo all over his nice Brass Monkey article in the latest edition of KiwiRider. Gave me quite the shock when I was reading the mag on the flight back to Perth. It was an awesome Brass though.


I’m becoming addicted to Dave Moore’s Drivetalk. I’ll let Dave’s resume speak for itself: “Dave Moore is Motoring Editor for The Press and The Dominion Post and blogs for Stuff on all things automotive. His words also appear regularly in other Fairfax titles, including NZ Autocar, and he can be heard every week on NewstalkZB. […]

The picture above

I’ve had a few folk ask about the picture above. It was taken near Amersfoot, in South Africa. I was on the BMW off road course, run by the amazing Jan de Toit from Country Trax. The course starts with learning the correct technique for picking these monstrous 1200cc bikes up, includes getting those things […]

Random travel photo

I have far too many photos of my more recent trips. This shows the aftermath of my luggage trying to escape while I was blasting down this road in the very south of Patagonia. It was scary – the box fell off but was held on to the bike by a plastic covered wire rope […]