The 31 reasons that inflight wifi is not making money

From the WSJ we hear that sales for inflight wifi have been disappointing. It seems that when you give it away the usage is pretty high, but things change when there is a price: “.. in tests and now in regular service, usage drops off considerably when travelers must pay for the service. Alaska Airlines […]

Borders – if it’s hard even for locals then how do you get through?

I’m a fan of open borders, and it is far too hard these days to move between countries. What’s really scary are these cases of US citizens, highlighted by a diarist in Daily Kos, who were detained by US immigration in some pretty horrible circumstances. It seems mostly to be people that are incapable of […] launches – Good or Bad?

Expedia – the world’s largest travel agent, and a site I used a lot, err, last century, has finally arrived in New Zealand. Here’s a quick review. That’s a mere 11 years after being founded by Microsoft in 1996 – nice to know we are important. It’s a classic case of the big boys discounting […]