Kiwibank’s Heaps – personal banking as it should be

I have no idea why it is called heaps, but Kiwibank’s new offering to personal customers looks superb. It really throws down the gauntlet to the other banks. The product lets you semi-automatically categorise your spending, and then track your spending against a budget. It’s the sort of thing previously only available with an aftermarket […]

Kiwibank Business – the bank responds well

It also appeared that they just didn’t want my business. Today I met with Andy Bray, the regional manager for Kiwibank business and Wellington area manager Brian Davies – in response to the previous post on Kiwibank Business. I’d left Brian a message last night, but I’m pretty sure they also got the message though […]

How not to launch an upgrade – BNZ

BNZ announces that their banking site is being refreshed. This brick wall advertisement appeared after logging in with my online banking number, password and that stupid netguard card: Problem is that after a little pause I got this: Which meant restarting Safari, re-entering my login and password and re-entering in some numbers from the stupid […]

BNZ doesn’t get it. Time to change banks

I’m renting a place here in Fremantle for 3-4 months, and my first rental payment is due. I dutifully (ok a few days late as we had not sorted out dates) send a Telegraphic Transfer request via BNZ’s internet banking email system. This is something I do quite a lot, with the last one being […]