Locking in customers with Xero and Heaps

It seems to be an emerging meme – comments in the post about Kiwibank’s Heaps and BNZ’s Xero Personal are worried that banks will create lock-in using personal financial management products. This comment is typical: Ben Lilley January 28, 2010 at 1:50 pm I really hope banks aren’t going to start using tools like Xero […]

Kiwibank’s Heaps – personal banking as it should be

I have no idea why it is called heaps, but Kiwibank’s new offering to personal customers looks superb. It really throws down the gauntlet to the other banks. The product lets you semi-automatically categorise your spending, and then track your spending against a budget. It’s the sort of thing previously only available with an aftermarket […]

Kiwibank Business – the bank responds well

It also appeared that they just didn’t want my business. Today I met with Andy Bray, the regional manager for Kiwibank business and Wellington area manager Brian Davies – in response to the previous post on Kiwibank Business. I’d left Brian a message last night, but I’m pretty sure they also got the message though […]

“Sorry No” – Kiwibank fails business basics

Today I decided to sign up to a new bank for my main business account. I was debating between Kiwibank and ASB – as they both seem to have the best reputation. I decided to give Kiwibank a go. First I checked their website, and found a large Business Banking tab, followed by a large […]