How to win customers back – the 4 difficult steps

How long does it take to bring back a customer that has had a series of bad experiences? And what do you need to do to get them back? In Simon Grigg‘s case – about 8 years, and a heck of a lot. Let’s look at the lessons learned, and I’m also going to draw […]

A great experience – at Experience BMW

Occasionally I get great customer service experiences – and so it is each time with Experience BMW in Auckland. At BMW stores there is no hard pressure to buy – the stores let the bikes sell themselves, and like Apple I seem to have a addiction weakness for their products. Both compamies make it easy. […]

Kiwibank Business – the bank responds well

It also appeared that they just didn’t want my business. Today I met with Andy Bray, the regional manager for Kiwibank business and Wellington area manager Brian Davies – in response to the previous post on Kiwibank Business. I’d left Brian a message last night, but I’m pretty sure they also got the message though […]

“Sorry No” – Kiwibank fails business basics

Today I decided to sign up to a new bank for my main business account. I was debating between Kiwibank and ASB – as they both seem to have the best reputation. I decided to give Kiwibank a go. First I checked their website, and found a large Business Banking tab, followed by a large […]