Bank homepages in New Zealand – a review

Westpac NZ has launched a new website. They are using Silverstripe, so that means they can more rapidly make changes going forward. That’s good, because the site itself is a mess: There is far too much going on. If you want to, say, calculate how much a home loan would cost, then on mouse-over a […]

Locking in customers with Xero and Heaps

It seems to be an emerging meme – comments in the post about Kiwibank’s Heaps and BNZ’s Xero Personal are worried that banks will create lock-in using personal financial management products. This comment is typical: Ben Lilley January 28, 2010 at 1:50 pm I really hope banks aren’t going to start using tools like Xero […]

An open letter to Air New Zealand

Dear Air New Zealand Why are you walking away from the revenue provided by people with bank rewards programs – and stopping conversion to Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars? I refer of course to the recent notification by BNZ and other banks that they will no longer support Airpoint Dollar conversion. It puzzles me I […]

An open letter to BNZ Credit Cards

To/BNZ Credit Cards Wellington, New Zealand CC/ a few other folks. Dear BNZ Credit  Cards; I am very upset. The other day I opened this message in my BNZ internet banking inbox (good to see the newer website by the way): In this letter (which I assume you have also sent to my address, which […]

The stupid American Express “prove you are you” policy

My phone rings – it’s a blocked call. I answer, and then a pause before I hear: “Hello Mr. Wiggs It’s so and so from American Express and this is a courtesy call. Can you please answer a question to prove that you are indeed Lance Wiggs?” “Umm – can you please first supply me […]

How not to launch an upgrade – BNZ

BNZ announces that their banking site is being refreshed. This brick wall advertisement appeared after logging in with my online banking number, password and that stupid netguard card: Problem is that after a little pause I got this: Which meant restarting Safari, re-entering my login and password and re-entering in some numbers from the stupid […]

BNZ’s Netguard costs $5, but is the least bad option

I’ve blogged before about BNZ’s stupid Netguard Card – which has codes on it to allow you to login to your bank account. Perish the thought that you are travelling when the new one is issued, or that you lose it without first taking a photograph and placing it on your blog or Flickr. BNZ […]

BNZ doesn’t get it. Time to change banks

I’m renting a place here in Fremantle for 3-4 months, and my first rental payment is due. I dutifully (ok a few days late as we had not sorted out dates) send a Telegraphic Transfer request via BNZ’s internet banking email system. This is something I do quite a lot, with the last one being […]