Buyers and Sellers guide to Web Design and Development firms

A few weeks ago I requested visits to Auckland Web design and development firms, receiving a healthy range of responses. I didn’t get to visit everyone, but thanks to everyone who replied, and to those who suffer my visit. I managed to get to, in the self-imposed two-week deadline, 11 companies: 3Bit, Marker Studio, OnFire, Pitch, TheWebCompany, […]

A reskinning is not a panacea: Dick Smith

Dick Smith just reskinned their site. Well they have at least since the last time I went there. My summary is that this is nice but will add little to their site statistics. The look has changed slightly but the real work has yet to be done. Here is the Australian one: and the NZ […]

Leading the design process

We are going through the Lingopal design process at the moment for various products (J2ME, Website etc.). It’s all heating up as launch approaches. This is the worst nightmare result – design by committee: (via Slashdot’s new Above all the video demonstrates what happens when you have lots of people inputting and yet no […]