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IPOing in NZ – notes from the NZX and Xero presentation

The NZX and Xero, along with Cameron partners and Bell Gully held a “Masterclass” on IPOing in NZ yesterday. Xero CEO Rod Drury wears two hats, as he is also a director of the NZX, but they were also represented … Continue reading

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Xero blog: Focus on the customer, and do so with your strengths

Xero’s blog has drifted off course recently, as they commissioned external writers to come up with such marvels as Choosing the right smartphone for your business, How to avoid holiday computer disasters, Social networking policy: what’s in yours?, How to exit a business … Continue reading

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Xero, MYOB and GST

My latest Businessday column is up over at Stuff. The cost to New Zealand businesses of complying with the changeover to 15 per cent GST and the other tax changes will be at least $275 million, according to my rough … Continue reading

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How to avoid upgrading MYOB to cope with GST change

MYOB demonstrate again why I have switched to Xero. To cope with the GST change you either need to upgrade, or follow the instructions on their website. The instruction pages all start with the boilerplate text: “The quickest and easiest … Continue reading

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Analysis or Opinion, Faith or Facts?

I had a good email exchange yesterday with a friend. It started after the Tuesday post on improvement – and my comment about switching from MYOB to Xero. My friend is a big MYOB fan, and challenged the assertion that … Continue reading

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Importing MYOB data into Xero – opportunity?

I’m trying to convince my mother to switch to Xero from MYOB. The unfortunate problem is that all of her history is stored in MYOB, and so switching requires re-keying of invoices and the like. The solution to this is … Continue reading

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