Final Ferrit: The market space

Design flaws led to Ferrit’s downfall sings out the Independent, but it’s a bit more complicated than a pithy headline. I’m quoted in the article, and so am providing a bit more background to those quotes. I also promise that these are the final blog postings on Ferrit. Really. So here is a four part […]

The blog and twitter comments on Ferrit closing

Here are what other commentators are saying about the Ferrit closure. It is certainly a popular topic, and the themes are recurrent and certainly entertaining. Everyone brings a slightly different perspective, and it is worthwhile checking them out. This is also makes a snap nice survey of the New Zealand internet/business blogosphere, including a couple […]

Organic Torpedo7 beats inept inorganic Ferrit

A mentioned, we’ve covered Torpedo7 before on this blog. That was the surprising finding after Ferrit had been beaten by Torpedo7 in domestic unique browsers for the week to July 20, 2008. Organic versus Inorganic growth It turns out that comparing Ferrit and Torpedo7 is an excellent way to compare organic (Torpedo7) and inorganic (Ferrit) growth. Organic […]

Paul Reynolds on Ferrit

The nationwide embarrassment. The site we love to, err, dislike. Ferrit. Paul Reynolds answered two questions on Ferrit (they were not mine but from BarnacleBarnes). How did he do? Ferrit Q. One word: Ferrit. With an investment north of $30 million dollars and traffic that is less than a deal-a day site and only slightly […]