What were you thinking NZHerald?

In last night’s post on NBR I made the flip comment that Stuff and NZHerald will continue to fight it out neck sand neck unless one of them does something stupid. Well today NZHerald decided that they didn’t real want people reading their news – but instead showed a large interstitial of an incomprehensible Coca […]

NZHerald’s shopping tab – it’s complicated

NZ Herald launched their new shopping tab yesterday, and as I dug into it the cast of players got larger and larger. It got so complicated that I decided that making a video would be the most efficient way to explain it all. After the experience all I can say is that Bernard Hickey is […]

News from afar – patience required

After the comments in the last post I decided to find some numbers behind the Mozambique experience of Stuff and NZHerald. Happily the Stuff website eventually came back up. However the experience is less than stellar. My first test shows the home page took 22 seconds to load. Another attempt a few minutes later (done […]