Western Australia recollections

I was recently in Western Australia for 2 weeks, spending 4 days in each of Kalgoorlie and Mt Keith, and the remainder of the time in Perth. I arrived on Saturday night. While everything else was closed, after hours you can always be sure of the availability of alcohol and gambling. Seriously – they still […]

Helping societies drink responsibly

In a not entirely unsurprising finding, a researcher in the USA has discovered that alcohol related deaths will fall if you increase taxes on alcohol. No kidding. We seem to have that pretty well figured out in New Zealand and Australia. I’d like to see a much broader international scale study relating the inputs to […]

Wanted: A CTO for our well-funded start-up

My cousin here in Perth is launching his mobile application start-up in earnest, with solid VC funding all but finalised from a group that has a successful track record of delivering mobile start-ups to market. The mobile application itself complete, and it is currently being tweaked offshore for the hundreds of phones out there. Now […]