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It’s not safe working in America

The Atlantic’s photo survey of America at Work (or not) is doing the rounds. It’s a compelling set of pictures that showcases all that is right and wrong about the world and the US today, and I highly recommend having … Continue reading

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Western Australia recollections

I was recently in Western Australia for 2 weeks, spending 4 days in each of Kalgoorlie and Mt Keith, and the remainder of the time in Perth. I arrived on Saturday night. While everything else was closed, after hours you … Continue reading

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Unsafe New Zealand work practices – Quay street, Auckland

I often take photos of worksites in New Zealand, and they tend to carry from poor to appalling. That doesn’t mean to say that there are not better sites out there – those are usually behind purpose built walls and … Continue reading

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This is dangerous NZ Police

This is an unsafe act. The police officer appears to be standing in a part of a lane that is closing off while traffic is whizzing by at 80-100kmph. He is behind his bike, which will turn into a projectile … Continue reading

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Want to start a business to reduce the road toll?

Mathew Sanders raises an interesting point is comments to the last post. It is very difficult to report poor driving in New Zealand. It seems it is also difficult to do so in Australia. In other countries there are a … Continue reading

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Alcohol and driving: make it 0.0% or forget it

Good news  – the NZ Government wants to look at reducing the drink driving limit from 0.8 g/l to 0.5 g/l.  It’s been 0.5g/l in Australia for years – folk over 40 will remember Peter Brock always had had 05 … Continue reading

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Not so funny when you could die

You may have seen this already. It looks like the plane wasn’t chocked (at least not properly), and with a gap opening up under passengers feet that was over 2 meters high (3 actually) this was a potentially fatal incident. … Continue reading

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