Final Ferrit: The site idea and execution

Part two of  a four part take on the end of Ferrit. We started with Market Space, and business economics and governance failure are next. The idea of the Ferrit site So while there was a space, the proposed way to address that space was flawed. The  problem was that the proffered solution didn’t offer […]

Final Ferrit: The market space

Design flaws led to Ferrit’s downfall sings out the Independent, but it’s a bit more complicated than a pithy headline. I’m quoted in the article, and so am providing a bit more background to those quotes. I also promise that these are the final blog postings on Ferrit. Really. So here is a four part […]

The blog and twitter comments on Ferrit closing

Here are what other commentators are saying about the Ferrit closure. It is certainly a popular topic, and the themes are recurrent and certainly entertaining. Everyone brings a slightly different perspective, and it is worthwhile checking them out. This is also makes a snap nice survey of the New Zealand internet/business blogosphere, including a couple […]