An open letter to Vodafone Group from New Zealand

Dear Vodafone Group We don’t yet have the Kindle available in New Zealand, and I suspect that you are the folks to talk to. You see I’m pretty sure the folks at Vodafone New Zealand would love us to have the Kindle down here – after all we surely rank ahead of East Timor and […]

Why is the Kindle sold in Zimbabwe, East Timor but not New Zealand?

I’ve written before about Apple’s poor attention to international people – those that travel and live in multiple countries. It’s one of the reasons that I am trying not to get too excited about the forthcoming tablet. The tablet appears to be aiming at bringing media to your knees – meaning books, movies and games […]

Amazon is failing to be the iTunes of book world – so far

I’m warming on the idea of the Kindle – Amazon’s ebook reader. I like it for mass reduction, especially when travelling – it sharply reduces mass that you need to cart around on an airplane orĀ  motorcycle. I like it for convenience – You’ll get books that you purchase instantly, rather than waiting for days […]