Why online ad spend is low in New Zealand #2

So NZ has low broadband penetration, which means kiwi’s spend less time online, and have less desire to click on random advertising links. But that is not the full story for the paucity of media spend here. 3: The lack of eCommerce players Aside from Trade Me, the airlines and banks, New Zealand has had […]

Getting good airline seats

British Airways has changed their policy for allocating seats – and I like it. If you pay full fare, are Business or First class, or have gold or silver membership – then you can reserve your seat at the time of booking your ticket. If you have kids with you then you can reserve your […]

price your meal

Bid on a meal  at priceyourmeal.com and eat out for…. cheaper. Only in Glasgow and  soon  in  Edinburgh. I see this as a sign of eCommerce frothiness akin to pets.com, but slightly less silly. But if it works as a marketing tool then sobeit…

Tim Finn

Saw Tim Finn in concert on Monday night. It turns out that it was the first concert of his tour. The band wasn’t totally tight, but it was close, and the musicians were honest, Tim relaxed, the venue intimate and music sublime. I was pleasantly surprised at his range of hits, and the concert was […]

Less Haka please

The All Blacks didn’t perform their haka in front of 70,000 fervent rugby fans in Wales. Welsh officials wanted the anthems after the haka, NZ team and officials demurred. So the haka was performed in private in the changing shed, and the Welsh ended up doubly embarrassed (the score was not flattering either) This haka […]