Blame the invisible man

Part of the blame for the underinvestment by Telecom, and under0-reaction by the NZ Government has to go on the National Party’s Maurice Williamson: A rare written question from National Party communications spokesman Maurice Williamson to Communications Minister David Cunliffe in May… …asked Mr Cunliffe how New Zealand’s {broadband} ranking compared with its position in […]

NZInstitute BB report: Digital media benefits are underestimated

Continuing a series of comments on the excellent NZ Institute Broadband report, we turn to page 8: Digital media. NZ Institute estimate $800m in extra benefits, with the tree showing $680m to $1.03bn. Here’s the top half: Let’s look the right hand sides. Current cost base = $2.1 billion. The source for this is unclear, […]

10 ways NZ Government can help NZX

There are more tales of companies leaving the NZX, and the question is asked (via a workshop) whether the Government could step in. I really fail to see what more this Government would materially do to solve for a market that is simply too small. Not that there aren’t any possibilities, just that most would […]

Fast Broadband is here – in Perth that is

Finally I have broadband again. It took Perth based iiNet about a week to arm-twist Australian monopolist Telstra into connecting me. Their communications and service (24/7 help desk) has been faultless – which is stunning in this industry. iiNet uses ADSL2, and here’s what I get: From me at home in Perth to a local […]

It’s all about Gino’s

Next time you are in Fremantle (visiting me for example), make sure to drink lots of coffee, and eat breakfast and dinner at Gino’s cafe. Why? They are the only place in town offering free Wifi internet. The other cafe’s and restaurants have nothing, which is frighteningly archaic for a funky seaside tourist town. Meanwhile […]

NZInstitute BB report: Telepresence growth benefits are limited

That’s the second part of the tree on page 7 of the NZ Institute report. It shows total annual benefits of $165-$335m in increased exports from decent broadband allowing better telepresence. Telepresence I guess is defined by the authors as basically video conferencing with big screens and higher resolution. To work it out the authors […]

NZInstitute BB report: Telepresence costs savings are minimal

Let’s start comments on the NZ Institute Broadband report with the top chunk of the slide on Telepresence, which is page 7. It is the first page that shows how the topline number of $2.7-$4.4 billion in economic benefits is built up. I believe the $95m in annual cost savings is far too high. NZ […]

The NZ Institute report – the benefits of broadband

If you are frustrated as hell at the ponderous pace of broadband adoption and speeds in New Zealand, then the New Zealand Institute report: DEFINING A BROADBAND ASPIRATION: HOW MUCH DOES BROADBAND MATTER AND WHAT DOES NEW ZEALAND NEED? is essential reading. The presentation is in classic McKinsey style, which is an acquired taste, but […]