Making (more) money from the falling housing market

US housing prices fell 14% March 2008 on March 2007. 14% is larger than the downpayment component of many US mortgages. Would your mortgage be greater than your house value if the house fell by 14%? How about in your first year of ownership? Mortgages like this are in negative equity, and owners should, ceteris […]

US recession and Australian resurgence

A recession has a defined meaning, from the USA’s NBER, via Wikipedia A recession is a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales. A recession begins just after the economy reaches a peak of […]

3 weeks

It’s pretty obvious that a better offer for Yahoo is not out there, as Microsoft has the wonderful combination of being cash-rich and desperate – and can outbid anyone else out there. But Yahoo directors do not want to lay with the lumbering giant. So this week Microsoft first whispered that the offer may be […]

Tracking your portfolio – Sharesight enters the market

Rod just pointed us to Sharesight – a downunder focused portfolio manager website. The website looks to be yummy goodness – simple to use and so forth. I was initially pretty skeptical though – what use is another portfolio manager when you can do things pretty simply yourself, or with the likes of Yahoo? Yahoo […]

Vista – they knew

Stunning NYTimes article about Vista – it seems that Microsoft employees and board members knew that Vista was, well, not so good. There’s even a class action suit…. “Last month, Judge Marsha A. Pechman granted class-action status to the suit, which is scheduled to go to trial in October. (Microsoft last week appealed the certification […]

Real Estate is falling – what happens next?

The housing crash is cascading around the world, and the dire predictions are coming true. Here’s the latest chart from The Economist – check out Ireland on the bottom. That’s a crash, not a “balanced slump”. Meanwhile Trade Me just surpassed 70,000 property listings, on the back of signing up one of the last few […]

Why intervention is needed for Telecom and not for Auckland

Falafulu Fisi asks an excellent question to the previous post on Auckland Airport: “Aren’t both Auckland Airport & Telecom private companies? Why would you want to say that the government is an interventionist regarding the CPPIB attempt to buying shares in the Auckland Airport but not saying the same thing about Telecom? I am a […]

Ham-fisted intervention in markets is dull thinking

Score one for protectionism, and minus several ranks of the economic freedom index for New Zealand, after the Government intervenes to prevent a Canadian fund from buying into Auckland airport. When the market drops by 2% after a new protectionist law is created it should be obvious to everyone the impact of ham-fisted interventionist Government […]