Getting the basics right…

In the US the universities led the Internet charge. The same in NZ, afaik. I recall at Massey in the late 80’s, a friend introducing me to the mysteriously cool “internet” and “email”. Sadly, on the surface at least, things have changed for the worse here. One of the most basic tests to assess the […]

NZ Online retail – the market

Some interesting comments on the previous posts – worth a look at. I’ll redo some numbers in a while, but in the meantime here are some charts… This is daily unique domestic browsers to the big online shopping sites. (except Gameplanet sorry, which I inadvertently left off). The point of the chart is to show […]

why “ecommerce has flopped in NZ”

That article again – right at the bottom, from out of nowhere, come “five reasons ecommerce has flopped in New Zealand”. “1. Mall mania. Trips to the shopping centre are a top Kiwi recreation. 2. Security fears. Kiwis are paranoid about giving credit card numbers online. 3. Bargain hunting. If it’s not cheaper online, why […]

Ferrit. Incompetent #2

The Herald’s coverage of eCommerce leaves something to be desired – imagine surveying NZ’s eCommerce space and forgetting the biggest site is Trade Me, not, umm, Ferrit. Perhaps Peter Griffin is a columnist shilling for Ferrit… regardless – we should blame him, as well as the NZHerald editors, and give kudos for whoever did the […]

new news sites

Stuff and NZHerald upgraded late last week. I should really, and much before now, have commented on the new design of both. Frankly neither of them really do it for me and I have simply stopped looking at them. The sunny days probably have something to do with it… Friday page impressions were up against […]

Rod Drury sees the Yahoo!Xtra (what an unwieldy name) tie-up as creating opportunities for other players. He asks: What does Microsoft do? The choices are go it alone or tie up with a media company – pick one from TVNZ, TV3, APN or Fairfax. My pick is TVNZ, followed by APN. What is the homepage […]