Yahoo!7 has officially tied up with Xtra- to create Yahoo!Xtra for New Zealand, launching March 1, 2007. With Yaho0!7 owning 51% of the JV there is hope for a great site. But early signs of the continued amateur hour are a non-existent site, although at least AJ PArk has registered and (and […]

Stuffing it up?

Preview of the new Stuff. Not bad and a welcome improvement based on smh, but fix the logo. Please. old logo (kids, crayons, fun and simple) new logo (MBA, excel, corporate and serious) smh logo (serious. corporate) The Sydney Morning Herald has a serious name and requires a serious logo. However when you call something […]

Companies that don’t get the internet that should

Internet Bureau was an early entrant into the NZ online advertising game, and they successfully acted as an intermediary between advertisers, advertising agencies and websites. They should have a great website. It should allow advertisers to book ads, to understand what makes a good ad, how success is measured, and what the overall online spending […]

Why online ad spend is low in New Zealand #2

So NZ has low broadband penetration, which means kiwi’s spend less time online, and have less desire to click on random advertising links. But that is not the full story for the paucity of media spend here. 3: The lack of eCommerce players Aside from Trade Me, the airlines and banks, New Zealand has had […]