Plotting Apple’s next steps: Giant screens, merged iOS and OSX devices and cars?

A year ago, in The Steps for Apple beyond iPhone 5, I tried to map out the future of the iOS product range – focussing on the iPhone as the base. Let’s review how it went, and look at the next 12-24 months for Apple’s portable devices.   iPhone The initial miss was that the iPhone […]

Data for iPhone in NZ: the summary charts

Looking to actually use your iPhone as intended? Then you’ll need data, and l0ts of it, especially if you want to abandon the mobile data sticks and tether your phone to your computer when travelling. I’ve run the numbers from all three major suppliers, and assumed that you’d buy the best deal, and that you […]

Vodafone’s iPhone 4S plans seem to have forgotten data

Vodafone released their iPhone 4S plans, and I feel very disappointed. Vodafone have a superior number of Texts versus Telecom on all but Telecom’s most expensive plan, which matches the 2500 texts. Their voice… well who cares. Forget about the worrying ‘no plan transfers’ as well, and head straight for that data line. The maximum […]

A closer look at Telecom’s iPhone plans

It’s great for Telecom that they now have iPhone distribution rights, and that’s also great for competition in the marketplace. However I do recommend that you look closely at the fine print in their plans and be careful about your approach. 1: If you want to have the maximum amount of data then it seems […]

The steps for Apple beyond iPhone 5

Apple are releasing another iPhone, or iPhones, tomorrow, and the rest of the industry is understandably nervous. However as what is now called smartphones catch up, Apple will increasingly be playing in a space with diminishing hardware margins. Sony used to own the Walkman market (they named it), but the remainder of that industry started […]

Plenty of opportunity with Telecom’s XT bills

With iPhone pricing comparisons all the rage right now, I decided to have a first look at my Telecom XT Bill. I knew this would be entertaining, but despite everything below there is a minor victory, in that I have actually managed to do view the bill online. This is big win versus Telstra and […]

The New Zealand iPhone 3G network debacle

The iPhone will dominate the top end of phone sales Even if you are a fan of other platforms, we can all appreciate that Apple has bought new levels of usability to the phone. It’s most obvious in the seamless connection with the App store on iTunes – a system that  makes building, selling and […]

Telcos: stay out of the content game

Via Stuff, and the SMH, a headline that seemingly spells bad news for the iPhone in Australia: “iPhone not so multimedia friendly in Aust” The article goes on to say that the iPhone is unable to play many of the Telco giants mobile offerings, such as Vodafone Live, Telstra’s Big Pond TV or Optus’ ringtones […]