Better culture, better people, better economy

It’s the most commented article on The Economist right now, and it’s a fractious topic. Indian students have recently taken to the streets in protest against some of the worst ethnic-based attacks Australia has seen The violence sprang to public notice when two Indian men were attacked with screwdrivers in Melbourne last month. One was […]

Congratulations to three new kiwi Yale students

Harry Simperingham, Ben Kornfield and Tessa Smith – remember these names. They are the three New Zealanders that will be part of the new class of 2012 at Yale University in Spetember. That’s a fantastic achievement – so well done to all. I briefly met both Tessa and Ben at the Whiffenpoofs event in Auckland […]

Two McKinsey pieces on education – do read them

Two astonishing reports on education from McKinsey. The first shows the effect that the USA’s poor schools have had on their economy – and was just released. It finds the economic loss in the order of US$2,400 billion to $4,200 billion of GDP in 2008 alone. That’s more than enough to compensate for the current […]

Where I live, What I do

I’ve always struggled to describe where I live and what I do. Here is some clarity. Where I live After almost two years of attempting to live in both Fremantle and Wellington (and largely failing at either), I am now back in New Zealand for the foreseeable future. I’m based in Wellington, and will commute […]

The blog and twitter comments on Ferrit closing

Here are what other commentators are saying about the Ferrit closure. It is certainly a popular topic, and the themes are recurrent and certainly entertaining. Everyone brings a slightly different perspective, and it is worthwhile checking them out. This is also makes a snap nice survey of the New Zealand internet/business blogosphere, including a couple […]

How not to launch a political blog: “F$%k you”

NZ Left Wing election site 08Wire launched, it seems with an interesting group of backers and is based overseas. It is good to see new discourse emerge, but I see a couple of issues. First, in the launch article they do their best to turn prospective readers off: Some analysis is sensationalized. Like David “cut-and-paste / […] launches – Good or Bad?

Expedia – the world’s largest travel agent, and a site I used a lot, err, last century, has finally arrived in New Zealand. Here’s a quick review. That’s a mere 11 years after being founded by Microsoft in 1996 – nice to know we are important. It’s a classic case of the big boys discounting […]