Burj Dubai

From Boston.com – the world’s tallest building – the Burj Dubai. More stunning Dubai pictures if you follow the link. It will be interesting to see how they weather the low oil prices and economic crisis.

Helping societies drink responsibly

In a not entirely unsurprising finding, a researcher in the USA has discovered that alcohol related deaths will fall if you increase taxes on alcohol. No kidding. We seem to have that pretty well figured out in New Zealand and Australia. I’d like to see a much broader international scale study relating the inputs to […]

NZ Election winners now confirmed!!!

Here they are. In first place:Electionresults.govt.nz – updates every handful of minutes and is the official source. In second place: TVNZ. There is no rolling text commentary: But despite a tag saying video is only available to NZ viewers the video link actually works and I am now watching TVNZ’s coverage. It seems to have […]


One Grandad, Grev Wiggs, was an ad man at Inglis Wright – he even did the first NZ political ad. This is the other one – Lance Johnson – a new bio from the NZ rugby museum. He was quite the shot it seems.

Lotto online – lots of colour but some serious work to do

The good news for those that have only a tentative grasp of statistics and economics is that you can play Lotto online in New Zealand. It’s not bad, but a few fatal flaws need to be addressed before sales can really take off: 1: Don’t go to Lotto.co.nz – someone else owns it. Actually I […]