Statistics takes down poker cheats

This story of busting a $15m poker scam by and Australian is fantastic – and is a wonderful demonstration of the benefits of being open with your customers. The full story is on poker community site twoplustwo, and has been going on for a while. Customers of Canadian tribe owned AbsolutePoker and UltimateBet analysed poker […]

Signs of WA

Two interesting signs, showing that yes, you are in Western Australia. The first $22 per hour for cleaners. Despite these rates (similar for waiting tables) travellers tend to stay only a few weeks and then move on. Indeed folk arriving in, say, Broome can pick up a decent paying job within a day. The second […]

Luxury at Mornington

So I’m cruising up and down the Gibb River Road, which goes through the Kimberlies (and has no cell/3g coverage). Along the way on this trip I have varied between free camping in the desert, camp site or a motel/resort. Right now I am in Mornington Wilderness Camp, which is primarily a chunk of land […]

Travelling with the iphone for a week

First some rants; “nz” gets auto changed into “ms”, and the auto replacement function does not learn from its’ mistakes. Safari keeps crashing, with increasing regularity YouTube videos simply do not work anymore I can’t flip photos in wordpress Mail does not flip horizontally, making it really hard to read HTML emails that assume a […]

Up the Tanami road

It’s the main drag from alice springs to the northwest, so I was expecting the Tanami Road to be pretty good. It was, but vast tracts were still unacceptabe for locals. I cruise at 100-110km, regardless of terrain. The worst roads are deep sand and sandy corrugations, and there was a bit of the first […]

To Alice Springs

As mentioned I ran into tire trouble near Ayers rock- in fact 8km from the Yulara resort. The rear tire went flat, but thanks to local bus driver Tony Fox (and some patient passengers, 2 of whom I met today) the luggage was taken to the resort, and I pumped the tire up and staggered […]