Pay the bureaucrats more money not less

Not PC bemoans the highly paid Government sector. So does anti-dismal. I disagree. The alternative to highly paid bureaucrats is lowly paid bureaucrats. Lowly paid bureaucrats are far far worse than highly paid ones. Here are three resons why: Lack of talent – why work for Government when you can get more money working in […]

Count those Olympic medals

The Olympics is pure, about simple athleticism, where nationalistic politics are put aside and we all enjoy the quest for sporting perfection. Right. The NYTimes has a really cool Medal Count Tool, which shows the rise and fall of countries in the medal tally over the years. Watch Australia – they get out-medalled (especially gold) […]

Top ten findings from the Internet In New Zealand 2007 report

The World Internet Project New Zealand report came out. Worth a look as it is part of a great world-wide project, and will hopefully provide great trends going forward.. Sadly the data is old. Really old in internet time. The WIPNZ survey was conducted in September-October 2007. Why does it take 8 months to analyse […]

If nobody owns your mortgage note then you are in luck

It seemed like a great idea at the time. Sign folk up to mortgages, sell the mortgages to another financial player who then bundles the mortgage with thousands of others and sells various risk based slices. It failed in three different ways – two of which we know about, but one which is just emerging. […]

Chocolate fish, bloggers and a tragic death

Horrible news from the inquest of Chocolate Fish landlord Adrianus Johanus Vlug, who the coroner found committed suicide after feeling pressure from “rather uninformed bloggers” about the rent increases at the chocolate fish. From that point onward, a series of Facebook blog articles appeared mostly condemning the landlord for having a ‘greedy’ attitude with respect […]