Let’s have one industry awards not two

So I’m disappointed with the “2009 New Zealand Internet Industry Awards”, given the poor wording of the entrepreneur of the year award. It’s a new annual award organisation and created by the Liz Dengate Thrush Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is: … to award funding grants for use in practical educational advancement of individuals […]

Let’s appreciate our internet entrepreneurs

I read today in Stop Press that there are no Internet Entrepreneurs in New Zealand. To be fair the award criteria were pretty harsh: Internet Entrepreneur of the Year – recognition for that rare breed who has put capital and reputation on the line and successfully contributed to New Zealand’s wealth. That’s a standard, I […]

The death of rugby

So Wellington wins the Ranfurly shield match against Auckland. Just. With a drop goal making the difference. Meanwhile the All Blacks win the deciding Bledisloe cup game against Australia. Just. With a lucky penalty awarded after a missed drop goal. Then All Black coach Henry calls out Wellington coach Jamie Joesph for not allowing the […]

It’s the internet – so link to each other

Well done to Russell Brown over at Public Address (I said they write well) for breaking the story on the Kids Can Stand Tall debacle. It’s a good scoop after some digging into the history of the Telethon beneficiary. I won’t repeat it here – but I will get grumpy instead. I found Russell’s post […]

How consumers shop – some lessons

After a laughably dumb registration process (use fake data) you’ll find the  ChannelAdvisor report on How Consumers Shop Online. Let’s start with a caveat – the sample size is 824 people from 29 states in the USA, but there is no information on how this sample was selected. We should probably therefore assume that the […]

Car texts

3 reasons not to follow up on this advertisement in today’s NZHerald. 1: there is no specific URL which I can see delivers me to the txt car alerts page. Nor us there any way I can do anything with my non Internet surfing mobile. 2: there is no price information, and we are all […]

10 digital media lessons for book publishers to learn

So Barnes and Noble is joining Amazon in offering an ebook reader and downloadable ebooks. This article from NZHerald has several indicators that they will fail if they keep on their same path. The e-books sold at BN.com will not be compatible with the Kindle or the Sony Reader…. ….the market is developing in such […]

The NBR is in trouble – what should they do?

I’ve been really impressed with the NBR in recent times – their website was going from strength to strength, and their writing was increasingly excellent. I even praised writer Chis Keall, who writes for (but I understand is not employed by Chris tells me he is, in fact, employed by NBR – my apologies) the […]

iPhone prices – a failed experiment

NZ iPhone plan comparison It’s sad – but this great idea – a collaborative iPhone pricing spreadsheet for New Zealand – has completely failed. It’s a mess, there are people deleting things and Telco or device religion rather than science seems to be driving behaviour. I don’t care how much Vodafone’s rates are – their […]